Lucas Hinnerud runs the design studio based in Stockholm since 2008. The studio works with several fields such as product design, interior architecture and illustrative work – both with self initiated as well as with commissioned work. Inspired by about anything, from the closest surroundings at his desk to the vastness of outer space - Lucas is always searching for new and innovative ways to see and use things.

Adress: Samaritgränd 5
118 53 Stockholm

Phone: +46 (0)73 651 25 59
Mail: info@lucashinnerud.com



  • Stockholm Furniture fair, 2012
  • Gränslöst, Tomarps Kungsgård, 2011
  • Salone Satellite, Milan furniture fair, 2011
  • Ung 7, Young swedish design (world tour) 2009-2010 Stockholm Furniture fair, 2010
  • DMY, Berlin internationell design festival, 2009 Stockholm Furniture fair, 2009
  • Stockholm Furniture fair, 2008
  • Beckmans final exhibition 2008
  • Kulturhuset Gallery K1 2008
  • Winterfireflies, Riga 2007
  • Stockholm Furniture fair, 2007
  • Stockholm Furniture fair, 2006
  • Kulturhuset, fiction hotel 2005

Awards & Scholarships

  • Konstnärsnämndens, sholarship holder, 2011-2012
  • Nominated for Best in show, Salone Satellite, Milan Fair, 2010
  • Ung 7, Young swedish design award, sholarship holder, 2009
  • Best studentwork, Wallpaper magazine, 2009
  • Finalist in Forum AID magazine awards, best student work, 2009
  • Nominated for Ann Walls scholarship, Svensk Tenn, 2008


  • Beckmans College of Design, BA of design and fine arts, 2005-2008
  • Grafikskolan, College of Printmaking Arts, 2003-2004
  • Nyckelviksskolan, General art, craft and design 2002-2003


Enemal Table

A series of enamel tables for indoor and outdoor use. The vivid aesthetics and durable benefits of this old material caught our attention. We got inspired to do something new with this technique. the unique approach in this project is that the tables are homogenously covered in enamel.



Spear is a tall and proud candlestick in different heights. It has a simple and self-explanatory shape but with a unusual size. Like a tall and slender figure it holds the candle in a novel and high position.


Cut Series

The furnitures remindes you of the early phase in a designers process, simple, skew and quickly cut out papermodel. We wanted to adapt that esthetics and turn it to real furnitu- res. so we let these tiny models grow up to a fullsized and functional furniture serie.



The platon stool reminds of an fallen column from some ancient tempel, or maybe just an old stub that be used for a quick rest. Sit upright steadily, or rock gently to and from thanks to the cross-cut underside. inside there is a balancing weight which causes the stool to tip back after you have stood up from it. It is lacquered in a matte soft-touch coating.



This lamp works as a mobile cealing light. the lampshade at the top fits perfectly in the corner of the room. The light stands tall and steady like a guardian who scouts out over the room.




This floor light uses the classic glass globe that has been used as ceiling lights for decades. the proportions becomes unusual and interesting when you put this iconic glass globe down by the floor and see it from another angle and distance.


Hugo Interior

Interior assignment for contemporary fashion store located in central stockholm. inspired by the architecture around where this store is located these big and generos displaying modules are for large and small objects. For hanging diplays theres are open wordrobes with shelfs and hangning racks that easy can be moved around when its time to redecorate.



The boxclock capture time, or at least hides it from you. you can only read the time when you really face it.